Why Visit Seattle?

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Why visit Seattle?

Seattle, Washington is a city located on Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by water, mountains and forests. Everyone knows that Seattle is home to Grey’s Anatomy and the Seattle Seahawks, but did you realize that downtown Seattle has a number of attractions that can please just about anyone?

Seattle is a great city to walk around with good transportation options. Once you have a map of the city, this is where your adventure begins.

Seattle waterfront to downtown

     Olympic Sculpture Park

Situated on 9-acres at the northern end of the Seattle seawall, there are a number of large outdoor artworks to view, free to the public, in addition to a café where you can rest or have a drink.

     Seattle Aquarium

Located on Pier 59 on the Elliott Bay waterfront, the Aquarium has several collections within six major exhibits and conducts critical research on a variety of Puget Sound species.

     Seattle Great Wheel

Ride the Seattle Great wheel, a 175-foot tall Ferris wheel with enclosed cabins for a view of Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains.

     Tillicum Village

A short boat ride away from Seattle is Tillicum Village, located on Blake Island State Park. Blake Island is a 475-acre park nestled between Bainbridge and Vashon Islands in Puget Sound. Tillicum Village covers about 5 acres of the 475-acre Blake Island and consequently, Blake Island was the birthplace of Chief Sealth for whom Seattle was named. Tillicum Village is part Native cultural center, part dinner theater and became a major tourist attraction in 1962.

     Pike Place Market

Looking for Starbucks? Well, look no further as the original Starbucks is right here on Pike Place. Once you’ve had your coffee, stop by the historic Farmer’s Market, which has everything imaginable for your tastes from cheese to wine. Don’t forget to stop by the Pike Place Fish Market where you can experience, the vendors joyously toss their “flying fish.”

Seattle Center Monorail

From Westlake Center in the heart of downtown it takes just a few minutes to travel to Seattle Center and the Space Needle.

     Seattle Art Museum

This is the main museum in downtown Seattle, which features ongoing exhibitions of various artworks as well as an opportunity to explore creative programs within the museum.

     Wing Luke Museum

A history museum of the Asian Pacific American experience in Seattle’s International District features exhibitions and the history of how immigrants have shaped the Northwest from pioneer days to current day issues and trends.

     Smith Tower

Smith Tower is a skyscraper in Pioneer Square, built in 1914 and the oldest skyscraper in the city as well as the tallest skyscraper outside of New York City. Stunning 360-degree views of Seattle can be seen from the open-air deck on the 35th floor while enjoying a cocktail or grabbing a bite from the lighter fare menu.

     Seattle Underground Tour

This is a network of underground passageways and basements that originated during mid-19th century. Tours started in 1965 with customers observing what was underneath Pioneer Square along with the history of Seattle from that time period.

Center of the Universe

If you still have time left to explore, why not take check out Fremont, an artsy section of Seattle that is home to the Statue of Lenin, the Fremont Rocket and the Troll under the Aurora Bridge. Fremont is the self-proclaimed Center of the Universe and once you’re there you will see why!

So, if you’re new to town, or want to sightsee, rain or shine notwithstanding, you’ll find that there is always something to do in Seattle which will delight your senses. Why visit Seattle? Why not indeed!

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